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Pegasus Legislation

Welcome to the Home Page of Pegasus Legislation. We live in tumultuous times during the middle of the "Brexit" process which will see the United Kingdom leave the European Union.

Throughout this process, Pegasus Legislation will provide indispensible access to the legislation of the European Union and the United Kingdom. Appreciation of the importance of legislation and the rule of law grows more and more with every passing day.

The EU "Acquis" and the UK "Statute Book" continue to grow inexorably. As they do so, Pegasus Legislation will provide the users of this website with documents and materials of interest and value to people within the UK, the rest of the EU, and beyond.

We list below some important links to certain information sources relating to the Brexit process.


Official websites (UK and EU) relating to Brexit:

UK: Department for Exiting the European Union

EU: Publications Office materials on Brexit

EU: European Commission materials on Brexit

EU: European Council materials on Brexit

EU: European Parliament materials on Brexit


Twitter User Lists relating to Brexit:

Academic commentators on EU Law

Important commentators on Brexit

UK Parliament information on Brexit